Writing Your Own Content? You’re Probably Doing it Wrong


Let me be blunt: Just because you can craft a well-worded email or a business plan, that doesn’t mean you should write web, social, blog, and ad content.

Here’s why.

You Have An Internal Perspective

You may shop, feel, and look like your customers, but when it comes to marketing, you’re too biased to be the customer. You will always see things through the personal lens of someone who loves your product/service and wants to sell it.

It’s tempting to believe that writing your own content, starting a social media page, and actively blogging will lead to success, but this is a wildly misguided view.  You’re missing the key psychological and behavioral components of buyer behavior.

Also, we have a highly charged political and social climate right now, so you must be aware of and sensitive to these issues.  You need a skilled communicator to do this.  At the very least, you need an experienced sounding board before writing content directed at these audiences.

Headlines, Grammar, Spelling, and Word Counts Matter… A Lot

Instead of droning on about how much these things matter, here are some statistics to consider when writing your own content for a website, post, social page, or other sales material:

  • Three-quarters (74%) of online consumers are looking at your grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.
  • More than half (59%) will not do business with a company who has a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes in their copy.
  • Visitors will only read about 20% of your content, so it needs to be short and sweet with plenty of arrows pointing to a call to action (add to bag, contact, get a quote, etc.).
  • Put your best foot forward, because most visitors read in an F-shaped pattern, which means they won’t even see a lot of your copy unless it’s engaging.

Market Yourself Like A Brand Boss

Marketing is all about your communications.  Writing website copy, ad materials, social media posts, and blogging should never be taken lightly.  You don’t want to do too much, too little, too specific, or too vague. You need to be clever in the wording and understanding in the tone.  This is your brand’s personality.

Unfortunately, writing is a skill that has tragically fallen to the whims of socially acceptable mediocrity.  Don’t fall into that trap. You’ll stand out more with content from a team of writing magicians who have spent years perfecting the art.

writing-marketingFurther, this is an increasingly distracted culture with an ever-flowing flood of information pouring into our minds daily.  It’s overwhelming, so consistency will always reign supreme.

Branding is the key to consistency, and it’s a specialized field, performed by people who follow the rules of disruptive marketing and watch buyer behaviors very closely.  Brand consistency includes:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Tone
  • Topics
  • Imagery

And those are just some of the obvious branding elements.  Some of the not-so-obvious ones include:

  • Image positioning and angles
  • Line spacing
  • Page formats
  • Gradients
  • Shapes
  • Quote/call-out fonts and layout
  • Anything that symbolically relates to your brand

The Bottom Line

It’s tempting to try to save money by designing and writing your own content materials, but that may do you more harm than good (and cost you way more to fix in the long run).  Just think, the time you’re spending trying to come up with copy for your homepage or a brochure could be spent more productively by doing what you should be doing – running your business.

All markets have been disrupted by drastic changes in technology, expanding social media platforms, and the infinite functionality of the Internet.  Embrace the disruption by working with a team you can trust.


I now introduce Your Imprint Marketing Studio.  We’re the “masters of ceremony” who know branding.  We can put on a show, and we’ll teach you how to manage pieces of your marketing that will save you money.  Let’s talk about your campaigns and see if what we can do will work for you.

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