What is Adaptive Content and How Can I Use It?


We’ve all heard that “content is king.” But, what is content without marketing? Hence, our focus on content marketing as its own service. With this aspect of marketing comes many buzzwords, one of which is “adaptive content.” This buzzword is essential for any digital marketing campaign as it refers to a multi-faceted strategy that can change the results of your marketing campaign with diligent effort.

Understanding The Basic Definition Of Adaptive Content

The key to understanding adaptive content is embracing the effects of change. Content that automatically adapts to circumstances and mediums is considered adaptive. It delivers a personalized experience that makes content marketing more effective overall. It is the heart of any digital marketing campaign because it flexes to meet user needs.

Why Is Adaptive Content Considered Flexible?

Think of how many different devices you use in a single day. Cell phones, tablets, computers, smart TVs… all these display content in a different format. The perspective of the user is flexible just as the size and shape of the screen are changeable. This means content delivery must be just as flexible to convey the best display.

It’s flexible because its delivery is only one piece of the puzzle. Not only must it flex to fit your brand design, but it must also flexibly speak to the audience. This refers to tailoring content to match your audience, not just the device they’re using. In other words, the future of adaptive content is content marketing to the extreme.

Breaking Down Content Marketing So It’s Adaptive

Content Marketing is about reiterating your brand image across the web so that it’s not only consistent, but accessible. Making your content adaptive requires three things:

  1. Desirability
  2. Viewability
  3. Quality

To be desirable is the first goal because content has a lot of competition. It must stand out from the crowd as a unique yet popular offering. Viewability refers to giving them readable content on multiple devices. And, well, quality speaks for itself. Without quality, your readers just won’t come back.

Integrating Adaptive Content Into A Digital Marketing Campaign

Content that is adaptable not only speaks to a consumer in its substantive state, but also in its words. This means that content changes in two ways: how it’s displayed and what is displayed. The ultimate goal of adaptable content is to make sure it speaks directly to your consumers in a personalized manner. So, how do you integrate adaptive content into a digital marketing campaign? It’s not simple, it requires a marketing firm that understands the intricacies of all aspects of digital marketing.

We say this because digital marketing is also multi-faceted. Adaptive content is just one aspect of that realm with which we must keep up. There’s also search engine marketing such as PPC, social media content distribution, and blog development.

Are You Making It Or Breaking It With Adaptive Content?

The only way to truly make adaptive content work for your business is to consider all the aspects of the equation. It involves looking at the type of device, the context in which it is being used, and the audience you are catering to. You can deliver content all day, but if it isn’t readable in all circumstances, then you are breaking the connection with your visitor.

This break can only be resolved by employing the digital marketing services of a professional agency skilled in all aspects of the adaptive content equation. This means they know search engine optimization strategies, the technical side of delivering on multiple devices, how to create and reuse content to your advantage, and the essentials of a positive user experience.

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