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Web developers design, manage, and maintain websites. They’re an essential part of the digital world. In fact, without web developers, we wouldn’t have the digital space for online marketing.

Job Role

An effective web developer creates websites that are aesthetically pleasing and function well. In addition to this, web developers understand how to create websites that are usable and convey the appropriate information in a logical way.

A typical day for a web developer will vary, depending on where they work and the type of developer they are. For example, developers are typically back-end or front-end developers. While most developers are also web designers, some companies hire separate developers and designers.

Despite all the career nuances, developers are never just writing code. They’re also communicating with clients about their websites. Additionally, they meet with illustrators and copywriters to develop a website plan.

Finally, web developers don’t stop once they’ve created a website. Ideally, they keep monitoring the site to improve any problem areas, watch the number of visitors, and conduct regular updates.

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Job Responsibilities

  • Write testable code by using best software development practices.
  • Stay up-to-date with web development and design language, skills, and news.
  • Create user interfaces with standard HTML/CSS practices.
  • Create responsive designs and develop working themes and plugins.
  • Monitor website traffic.
  • Monitor website speeds and evaluate potential problems.
  • Communicate with design and writing teams to implement complete website.
  • Train entry-level developers.

What about pay?

Web developers make an average of $88,488 per year, according to However, entry-level developers should expect to make around $55,000 as a starting salary. 

Many web developers will stay in their field, according to Payscale. However, others will become senior web designers, software engineers, or programmers.

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