Hiring a Marketing Director or Team? – Here’s what you need to know

Hire a Marketing Team

By now, you’ve probably realized how essential good marketing is to your business’ success. You understand that our world has shifted into a digital age where everything is much louder and more chaotic than ever before.

You’re probably also aware that you can’t do everything on your own.  Running a business is hard enough without trying to find ways to engage a distracted audience.  So, the questions start to stir the Spirit:

  1. Do I hire an in-house marketing director or outsource my needs?
  2. Will I need to spend a lot of time managing the projects?
  3. Can a marketing director do everything I need, like website changes, SEO, social media, e-mail marketing, and mail promotions?
  4. If I hire a team instead, how do I know they’re reliable and honest?

First, it’s important to understand what to expect from a marketing team.

What to Expect from A Marketing Team

A full-service marketing team comes with a marketing director, who is on the frontlines of innovative methods and technology in their field.  Or, at least, they should be.

Every business owner needs the same things from their marketing team: availability, reliability, expertise, honesty, and efficiency.

I won’t bog you down with industry jargon, so here’s the gist of what to expect.  Your marketing team should:

  • Have at least one marketing director, project manager, designer (print and digital), coder, writer, and IT support.
  • Have a complete understanding of your target audience (learned through research).
  • Provide a thorough analysis and regular review of your competition.
  • Develop and moderate a marketing strategy that fosters growth.
  • Create a steady flow of new opportunities for lead generation.
  • Have smooth workflows for implementing and managing the strategy.
  • Be able to adequately and reliably communicate efforts, roadblocks, and budget.

What Your Marketing Team Expects from You

The most beneficial thing you can for your business is to hire the right team, and then get out of their way.

Business owners who spend too much time trying to manage the marketing projects end up doing their business more harm than good. You could end up spending thousands more on a project because you wouldn’t follow the advice of your director/team.

Here are a few other things your marketing team expects from you:

  1. A contact person. This person will make purchasing and design/branding decisions in a timely manner.
  2. Adequate resources – Time is money. The more organized the marketing director, the more efficient the team; however, never underestimate the time it takes to brainstorm, plan, and perfect the projects.  You’re not just buying production or the end-product; you’re buying your entire team’s time and dedication.  This is a piece of the Value puzzle.
  3. Remember, you’re not the customer. This is vital for survival.  We all look at things through personal lenses.  Often, business owners create content, specials, services, etc. based on what he or she likes, or think will work.  This can be fatal to success. It’s your marketing director’s job to approach campaigns and design from a user’s perspective.

Advice for Finding Your Marketing Team

As a print and digital marketing agency, we’ve been through the painstaking process of finding the right cast and crew.

Here’s what you need to consider when hiring a marketing team:

  • Research the role of a marketing department or team. It will put things into perspective and prepare you for the conversation.
  • Look at the potential marketing team’s portfolio or case studies. Are they specialized in a specific type of marketing, or are they broad?  How’s the quality?
  • How are their reviews and testimonials? If they don’t have any, is it because their work speaks for itself or because they look under-developed?
  • Test the customer service and response time by filling out a contact form. Ask a lot of questions.  How thorough are the responses?
  • Read their website and social media pages. Do they strike you as trustworthy, reliable, and honest? Do they offer to meet you in person?  Can you see yourself working with them for a long time?

Want to know about our show?

We’re the Master of Ceremonies for our clients.  Our sole purpose is to help businesses generate more leads by engaging, entertaining, and delighting your audience.  This will always include projects that align with the client’s goals and the audience’s needs.

Here’s what you get with the Your Imprint Print and Digital Marketing Team:

  • Our Marketing Director is exceptionally skilled in organization and business communications. She’s the strategy queen, keeping clients updated and crew on their game.
  • Our Art Director brings a Creative’s vision to systematic business approaches. He’s the King of branding and is responsible for upholding the client’s values while meeting the expectations of their customers.
  • Our Writer is all kinds of magical. She can translate goals into emotionally-evocative messages for a targeted or broad audience.
  • The Bouncer. He deserves the dramatic announcement of his made-up title.  The Bouncer keeps an eye on the comfort and safety of the cast, crew, and audience.  Really, he’s IT support since we live neck-deep in tech.

We’re always moving. Our minds are constantly finding fresh, innovative ways to reach different audiences.

Businesses with smaller budgets often get set on the backburner of big marketing or advertising companies.  We find that atrocious; therefore, we invite you to the VIP section of the Your Imprint show.  It’s a circus, but a well-organized and humane one (we use stuffies; the dogs love it).

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