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A magician never goes anywhere without his black hat. With that hat, he performs tricks that show viewers that magic is real. This magic convinces people that something amazing happened.  Magic surrounds the search engine optimization world. While some like to call negative SEO “black-hat” tactics, it is common for an SEO company to persevere in getting their clients listed on search engines the right way, using “white-hat” methods.

However, negative SEO is easy to fall for if you think magic is just a trick. Search Engine Land commented, “the temptation to take the “quick and easy” route is everywhere, and SEO is no different.” (1)

No kidding, right?

Negative SEO Gives Magic A Bad Name

But, being a white-hat SEO magician is nothing like the repetitive tricks and sleight-of-hand that go into negative SEO that some claim is magic.  “Black-hat” tactics are temporary and take a lot of trick overuse to stay ranked. Real magic is one that produces results and brings a smile to people’s faces. “Never think [magic] is not so.” Isn’t that how the song, “It’s Magic” goes?

Magic is the sun rising every morning.  It’s consistent in its track, if not consistent in its heat. It is something you can count on. The little things in life are magical to us and create moments that we store in our brain’s database. The same goes with a good SEO company that uses “real” magic for its customers! You can depend on them to create a lasting impression with search engines that store your site in their database of “gotta-go-to” websites.

Search Engine Optimization Magicians Are Everywhere

So, how do you use magic with search engine optimization to produce solid techniques for long-term results? Choosing the right SEO company is an essential component. Let’s review what a good SEO company looks like.

  1. First, as we mentioned in our article, “Negative SEO: What is it and how do you prevent it?,” your SEO agency should recommend that you be connected to Webmaster tools (Google Search Console), which provides real-time analytics. And, you should be privy to the information, whether by an analytical report they provide or a little insider surfing.
  2. Second, they should have an email address with their domain name. This shows they are professional and legitimate. I know it seems small and maybe a little insignificant, but “legitimacy” is the goal here.
  3. Third, they should have realistic SEO offerings. If it sounds too good to be true, then it likely is. We’ve all heard that saying, but will you heed your instincts and shy away from those that promise rankings without something to back it up?

SEO Companies Should Know Better

Many SEO Companies are willing to risk their clients’ reputations to get immediate (but temporary) results. It’s a matter of money to them. And, quick money at that! In a Forbes article, the author comments, “SEO is surely the greatest con ever. Can anyone here tell me how every would-be Internet Marketer on the planet can promise every client to get them onto the first page of Google natural search?” (2)

For example, just because a Colorado SEO company ranks high locally does not mean those they know what they are doing. They may even have a top-notch website. But, what really makes a good SEO marketer is one that can identify where you are weak, such as internal linking or content marketing, and help you grow in that area. More importantly, they take time to learn your business goals and, in turn, target those legitimate techniques that will improve your search engine optimization.

Take the time to dig into an SEO company and make sure they are not selling you a bag of illusions. Their magic should feel real, look sincere, and put you at ease. Digital marketing is tough to manage, so make sure your troupe is dedicated and loyal.



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(2) 4 Tips For Hiring The Right SEO Firm

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