Hopefully, you understand the importance of quality website design. People judge your website based off of its design and how well it works, and they make decisions about your company based on their experience on your website.

Responsive web design makes the browsing experience better for customers. We’ve written about why (and how you can improve your web design) here. However, responsive web design isn’t just good for the sake of your users. It also helps your SEO and general ranking. In other words, it attracts more people to your site and retains them.

A brief overview of responsive web design

The opposite of a responsive website is a “fixed” website. A fixed website might look great on your standard computer screen, and it is probably easy to read. However, when a user tries to open the site on their phone, they must awkwardly zoom in and scroll to read the content.

As opposed to this, a responsive website automatically adjusts to whatever screen it is on so that the viewer can easily read the information. For example, a responsive website changes photo sizes and converts multiple columns into one long column.

Responsive web design is nuanced, and we’ve written more about how it will improve your business.

Responsive web design and Google’s preference

There’s no doubt about it: Google prefers responsive web design to fixed design. In fact, they explain why in their Developer Guides. They write many reasons, including, “(Responsive web design) helps Google’s algorithms accurately assign indexing properties to the page rather than needing to signal the existence of corresponding desktop/mobile pages.”

Despite this, preference doesn’t automatically mean higher SEO. Google executives have claimed that they don’t use responsive web design in their ranking system directly. However, such design is easier for Google’s algorithms to navigate, which could have an impact on SEO.

Finally, Google does give preference to mobile-friendly sites when users are searching on mobile. Users are using mobile more now than ever before. Make sure you aren’t missing out on these views.

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Responsive web design avoids common mobile design mistakes

Mobile design mistakes can impact your user’s online experience and hurt your ranking. For example, mistakes can:

  • make your site load slowly.
  • display unplayable content.
  • cause duplicate content.
  • show text that is too small or too large.
  • place elements too close together on a page.
  • cause high bounce rates.
  • create irrelevant cross-links.

These mistakes hurt your SEO ranking, but — guess what — responsive web design often helps you avoid these pitfalls automatically.

Social media and responsive web design

Users are more like to share content on social media when they are on a phone or tablet. Sites that are easier to use on mobile are thus more likely to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Social media is an important way to build relationships with your audience and your industry. It can also help you generate new leads, and become an established expert in your field. In fact, a bigger social audience often means more website views. It can also create a higher demand for your services and products.

Social media isn’t a direct factor in SEO. However, it can improve your ranking indirectly. For example, social media:

  • creates the potential for more links.
  • helps generate higher click-through-rates.
  • gives you a known brand, which users can then search.

You might be just starting out, or perhaps your current website needs some work. Either way, responsive web design should be one of your top web priorities.

At Your Imprint, we never stop having fun. Web design is one of the best parts of our jobs. If you need help building a stunning, functional website, get a quote. We’ll help you put on a show! 

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