We Can Save You Money!

Get the benefits of a full-service marketing team without the extra costs and overhead of hiring employees. Hiring us can save you between 60-70%!

The below table is an example of cost savings.  The ‘Marketing Team’ is a combined cost for part-time roles for copywriter, web developer, SEO specialist, social media coordinator, and graphic designer.  Salaries are averages for the Greater Denver Area and were obtained through Glassdoor, Payscale, and Salary websites.

Your Imprint can cover the entire spectrum of a marketing team.  Check out our role comparison here.

Marketing ManagerMarketing TeamYour Imprint
Recruiting Costs$4,000.00$12,000.00$0.00
Annual Salary$100,000.00$160,500.00$100,000.00
Annual Federal Taxes (7.65%)$7,650.00$12,278.25$0.00
Annual State (CO) Taxes (3.6%)$3,600.00$5,778.00$0.00
FUTA (6% on first $7k)$6,000.00$9,630.00$0.00
SUTA (1.7%)$1,700.00$2,728.50$0.00
Annual Overhead (space, equipment, software, etc) (approx 1% of salary)$1,000.00$1,605.00$0.00
Benefits (approx 1% of salary)$1,000.00$1,605.00$0.00

Marketing Pricing

Our prices for services are reasonable and customized to your business.  We can discuss per project or hourly costs, which will range greatly depending on your needs.  Marketing and branding can’t usually be done in a one-off project, so our smallest packages begin at $1,500 per month.  But, there are no long-term contracts, and we build our partnerships on trust and respect for one another.

Let’s talk about your project, and we’ll see where we can go from there.