Medical Marketing, Branding & Public Relations

Your Reputation Matters

More than 70% of patients use online reviews to help them choose a healthcare professional. 

We have a simple, HIPAA-secure reputation management process we’d like to share with you. 

Schedule a reputation analysis today, and we’ll look at your current review status, hunt for reviews you may not know about, and check out your competition.

We’ll share all these results with you!

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Helen HIPAA has some questions about your digital presence! 

  • Is your website secure from hackers?
  • Is there any possibility of a data leak through the website?
  • Are you talking about cases anywhere online?
  • Are you or your staff making videos or taking pictures while in the office, clinic, or hospital?
  • Is your review/testimonial process HIPAA compliant?

Is Healthcare Marketing Necessary?

Marketing isn’t just for consumer goods. Providing honest and well-researched information is more important than ever now that patients are the primary decision-makers in their healthcare.

Approximately 1 in 20 Google searches are medically related, and 83 percent of patients visit a the website before booking an appointment.

In an industry that can sometimes feel sterile and cold, medical marketing can infuse personality into the messaging. Nearly half of patients search for information about their doctor online. Good medical marketing sets you apart as a leader in your specialty.

Medical Marketing Services

In the age of the internet, anybody can write and design, but it’s not about the end-product; it’s about the process and strategy. 

Medical providers should have an established, trusted voice online and be able to find patients that are looking for your specific expertise. 

Medical Marketing support includes a variety of services that focus on your reputation and public communications, while driving patients into the office.

Popular medical marketing services:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Brand Development
  • Reputation Management
  • Public Relations
  • Medical Websites (subscription and custom sites available)
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital and Print Advertising
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The Medical Marketing Team

Rachael has been HIPAA certified for more than 15 years, with her career starting in medical records and research, which moved quickly into writing, branding, and communications.  Jeremy has been certified in HIPAA data security and is a master web developer. 

Staunch supporters of patient education, confidentiality, and digital security, we’re well-equipped to handle your medical marketing needs. 

Our commitment to this industry is rooted in our desire to help improve health care in our country.  With diseases running rampant and insurance rates making things difficult for millions of our fellow citizens, we are committed to helping doctors, nurses, PA’s, and medical administrators reach both their patients and the public creatively and engagingly.

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How it Works

There’s no reason to rush.  Let’s start with a Discovery Session to talk about your goals.  We generally start with a Discovery Project because we don’t believe that anyone should have to sign a long-term contract with a company they hardly know. 

What’s a Discovery Project?

It’s a 3-month project defined by you and outlined by us. It can be anything from a branding project and web design to a print advertising campaign with digital tracking.   

Why Work With Us?

Ultimately, we’re a growth-driven marketing agency with one goal in mind: to create stories that can be read by targeted audiences who are interested. It’s more than writing and designing.  It’s research, strategy, and execution in an organized fashion to create the best possible experience for both our clients and our clients’ clients. 

Here’s what you get when you work with Your Imprint:

  • HIPAA-certified team
  • Certified inbound specialists
  • Health care content writers & visual communication masters
  • Public relations specialist
  • Campaign manager
  • Videographer & photographer
  • Discounted printing