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We’re A Full-Service Marketing Agency

We get it. Your work is your passion, and your passion demands total attention. We aim to strengthen and enrich your process by co-creating and humanizing your brand’s message. Our mission is to relieve some of the burdens the digital age has created for businesses, making the world much noisier and more crowded than we’ve ever experienced.

Partnerships take time, so let’s start by getting personal.

Jeremy Parks Photo

Jeremy Parks

CTO / Art Director
Rachael Herman

Rachael Herman

CEO / Marketing Manager
shirley cicero - marketing team

Shirley Cicero

Account Executive
Allie Wall - blogger

Allie Wall

Content Specialist
Joe Cicero - Colorado Hospitality Marketing

Joe Cicero

Hospitality Sales

We also work with a few local geniuses and rope them in when needed.

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What to Expect from Us

Whether you need us to help support your in-house marketing strategyor you need us to be your full-service marketing team, we’ve got you covered.  Our partners embrace and nurture their marketing strategies as a large piece of their business plan.  That said, the work we do is production-heavy and incredibly valuable, so the below table compares typical responsibilities for a marketing manager and the Your Imprint team.

This isn’t to say that marketing managers CAN’T do everything on the list.  It just means that one person can only do so much, and the workload can get overwhelming and messy very quickly.

Avoid that by investing in your marketing team.

See how we stack up...

Roles & Responsibilities
Markeing Manager
Social Media Manager
Brand Development and Implementation
Brand Management and Company Identity
Google Ads and PPC Management
Manage and Monitor Google Analytics
Online Reviews & Reputation Management
Plan and Create Marketing Campaigns & Materials
Monitor and Report Marketing Efforts
Copywriting (Sales Writing)
Business Blogging
Photography, Videography, and Editing
Develop & Manage Social Media Strategy
Multi-Channel Social Posting
Generate, edit, publish, and share content
Social Media Advertising & Promotion Design
Social Media Insights and User Behavior Analysis
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
E-commerce, Web Development, and Maintenance