Our Team

“The noblest art is that of making others happy.” – PT Barnum

Meet the Ringleaders (owners)

Try as we might, we’re not always on our best behavior.  By that, I mean we rarely conform to the “normal” ways of doing things, which is why we’ve been able to grow as steadily and comfortably as we have in just a few years.  Our clients have grown as well.  You can see the proof in the Case Studies section on our blog, which will continue to grow as our marketing team grows.

If we can do that for ourselves, we can do it for you.  Most importantly, we want to help you achieve your goals. So, scroll on down and meet our troupe.  Let’s get personal.

Rachael HermanRachael Herman

Ringmistress (Partner & Account Director)

I started my career with one goal in mind: to enrich my life through writing.  On this journey, I found many gaps in communications, strategy, implementation, and design.  Freelance work became frustratingly complex because there were “too many chefs” and not enough management.

When I met Jeremy, I realized we had complementary skill sets that brought us to the threshold of something great – an idea for personalizing marketing, creating cohesive strategies in a simple way, providing guidance, and making art with a “WOW” factor.

People say you should separate business from personal, but I disagree. I want long-term professional relationships that last a lifetime, and those are always personal.  My hope is that Your Imprint will continue to grow into a respectable business filled with Creatives and Technicians who can easily fit inside your circle of friendship.

Jeremy Parks PhotoJeremy Parks

Ringmaster (Partner, Creative Web Director)

I’ve been working in the creative industry for more than 20 years.  My absolute passion is in business branding, design, and web development; however, over the last couple of years, I’ve found SEO to be one of the best and most powerful tools in our arsenal.

I’m a life-long artist, and I pride myself on having a keen eye for symmetry and perspective.  Rachael says I have an “uncanny ability” to notice when something looks off balance.  That comes from many years of drawing and doing fine art. I think as artists, we can tell when something doesn’t fit in the eye.  My hope is that Your Imprint will continue to grow into a business that helps others build a brand they’re proud of with an audience they respect and cherish.

Meet the Troupe (Marketing Team)

shirley cicero - marketing teamShirley Cicero

Ticketing (Business Manager)

As a 25-year entrepreneur and customer service specialist, I’ve spent years working closely with people and businesses to help them find what they’re looking for and what they need.  This has instilled in me a deep-rooted passion for the inner workings of business, especially a complex one with tiers of clients, a variety of services, and no standardized pricing!

I love the personal relationships I’m able to develop in this industry, and I’m looking forward to helping Rachael & Jeremy work more closely with clients by taking over some of the more “tedious” tasks of running the business on the back-end.

bradon matthewsBrandon Matthews

The Thinker (Marketing Assistant)

As an avid enthusiast of asking seemingly irrelevant questions, I gravitated towards studying philosophy during my time at Colorado State University. While I’m still working on the nature of existence, I did learn how to think critically and look beneath the surface of simple things during my time there. I see the world as one endless series of questions to ask, and I’m always searching for answers.

Applying my skills to marketing and content creation just made sense. I love figuring out how things work, and there is always more to know in this industry. The challenge of finding the right audience, creating the right content, and connecting that content to the people who want it keeps me engaged and excited about the work we do here at Your Imprint.

When I’m not at my laptop, you can find me reading in a quiet hipster coffeeshop or lifting weights in an old, dungeon-y gym somewhere.

Allie Wall - bloggerAllie Wall

Ventriloquist (Content & Social Media)

Words have been my passion for as long as I can remember, and my profession for nearly a decade. A Fort Collins native with a deep love of the outdoors, a great glass of wine, and a thick book, I have worked hard to establish myself as a knowledgeable content writer, blogger, and social media specialist, to name a few.

To me, writing is a professional form of art and one of the most important communication methods available to us. I am thrilled to join the Your Imprint team and for the opportunity to work with local and national clients alike to build their brand and promote their business through the many creative avenues available to us today. You can check out some of my past work here.

When I’m not punching keys on my computer, you can find me on my yoga mat, enjoying the beautiful Colorado mountains, at a local brewery, or traveling with my boyfriend and our two little rescue pups.

Your Imprint - Digital Marketing GroupJoe Cicero

Concession (Hospitality Sales)

Sales is the name of the game for me.  It’s never, ever about the product or service.  Yes, those need to be high-quality and reliable, but that doesn’t make you stand out from the competition.  Everyone’s products and services need to be approved by public opinion.  What makes you stand out is your service, how you talk to people, how you care about them and their success.

I’ve been in the food service industry for more than 30 years, and my hope is to help local restaurants see the value of working with a strong and competent marketing team that’s run by a local family.

Why Your Imprint Digital Marketing

There’s a lot in a name, and ours is no exception. We believe in bold creativity and innovation.  We believe in research, communication, and transparency.  We believe these values can make an imprint in your niche.

We know how hard it can be to get a digital marketing strategy in place with a voice that can rise above the constant noise and chaos. Our digital marketing team is made up of marketing specialists from web designers and social media experts to copywriters and SEO pros, all of whom can help you get where you want to be with your business.

It’s time to focus ON your business, rather than IN your business.  Learn the benefits of having a marketing account manager (like our team) on your side.

The Imperial Experience

When you hire us, it’s like you’re hiring an in-house marketing team without the overhead. In fact, hiring us can save you between 60-70%!  See how here.

Every project, every show, every character is special.  You’re unique in everything you do, even if you have a direct competitor right next door.  As professional brand storytellers, it’s our job to help you communicate your message in a memorable way. We do that by personalizing your strategy and working side-by-side with your point-of-contact.

We’re a team of artists and experts in branding, advertising, web development/coding, design, blogging, marketing, campaign management, and social media.

Get Carried Away

In business, it’s safe and good to be bold and expressive.  We encourage you to let your wild spirit run free and be colorful in a world consumed by the hum of monotony and the drab grayish hues of political correctness.  In our opinion, that’s not how you stand out.

At Your Imprint, we like noise (but not the annoying kind).  We target entertaining and unique messages to specified audiences using our rampant creativity and imagination. By doing this on all current clients, we’ve picked up several strategic methods that have landed us (and them) the right stage at the very loud musical festival that is online business.

And, our strategies work!  Just take a peek at our Showcase (portfolio), and browse through some of our service pages.

We’re A Full-Service Marketing Team

Whether you need us to help support your in-house marketing strategy, or you need us to be your full-service marketing team, we’ve got you covered, complete with a dedicated project manager.  And the best part? We’ll save you a few bucks in the process.  The below table is a comparison of typical responsibilities of a marketing manager, a social media manager (one of the most popular keywords), and the Your Imprint team.

Roles/ResponsibilitiesMarketing ManagerSocial Media ManagerYour Imprint
Brand Strategy Development and ImplementationX
Brand Management and Company IdentityXX
Marketing Strategy for New & Existing ProductsXX
Campaign Planning and ImplementationXX
Ads and PPC Design and ManagementOverseesX
PR and Reputation ManagementXX
Help Define and Reach Sales ObjectivesXX
Create & Distribute Sales MaterialsOverseesX
Prepare, Create, and Distribute Online and Print Marketing CampaignsOverseesX
Monitor and Report Marketing EffortsXX
Copywriting (Sales Writing)X
Business BloggingX
Videography and EditingX
Photography and EditingX
Develop & Manage Social Media StrategyXX
Multi-Channel Social PostingXX
Social Page Design and OptimizationOverseesX
Generate, edit, publish and share contentXX
SM Advertising and Promotion DesignOverseesX
Social Media Communications and Response ManagementXX
SM Insights and User Behavior AnalysisXX
Search Engine Optimization (Website)X
Website MaintenanceX
Website Changes for Brand and Product Promos and ConsistencyX
Content Strategy and Marketing (part of marketing plan)OverseesX
Manage and Monitor Website Analytics to Create the Best User ExperienceXX
E-Commerce Website Design and ManagementX