Graphic Design

What is graphic design?

When you think of graphic design, you might think of infographics or the glitzy advertisement on a billboard. You’d be correct — these things can be a part of graphic design. However, graphic design is much bigger than that, especially within digital marketing. Graphic design is all about communicating ideas through visuals.

Graphic designers use photos, illustrations, logos, symbols, text, and more to share an idea. Turns out, people prefer this to text. In fact, individuals can process images 60,000 times faster than text. Content with pictures is 94 percent more likely to be shared on social media than content without any images, and 65 percent of people are visual learners.

Graphic design isn’t about useless pictures. It’s about having a clear and entertaining message. When you give a GD an idea, there is mystery and excitement about what kind of show you’ll see.

Graphic design should be a part of your digital marketing plan, but it should also play a pivotal role in your traditional methods as well. Graphic design is a wonderful way to show off what your company brings to the table in an engaging way!

So, join the show. It’s time to shine!

We can prove our work!

Graphic design isn’t always about making the glitziest, shiniest design.  More often than not, it’s about symmetry, perspective, and consolidation.  We have the perfect graphic design story for this topic.

Power Line Sentry, LLC

We’ve been working with Spoons for a long time.  They started in 2003 with one location – the Northern Hotel in Old Town Fort Collins.  Since then, they’ve grown into a $3+ million establishment with six locations and plans to franchise.

Power Line Sentry is a multi-million-dollar wildlife protection product manufacturing company who work with government, utility, and other organizations responsible for the power lines on their property.

There are hefty fines and penalties for companies who don’t comply with government regulations to protect wildlife from electrocution. Not only does these products protect wildlife, but they can prevent city-wide power outages as well.

For this graphic design project, we had to do some serious organization.  Taking a spreadsheet of more than 300 products, we organized product numbers into their appropriate categories, and then double checked them against the previous catalog, which had hand-written notes from the client.

Using InDesign with auto-numbering in the footer, our graphic designer created the 44-page catalog with tables, product images, and copy placed in their respective category.  Since categories were not alphabetical or numerical, project management time was higher than usual.  We had to make sure the right product was going into the right table on the right page.

Catalog Graphic Design

Learn more about Power Line Sentry by visiting their website.

Need Graphic Design?

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