Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Let’s take it from the top. It’s probably best you sit down for this. Grab some coffee; it’ll help with digestion.

Digital marketing is a huge concept with businesses right now. Also called online, web, or internet marketing, digital marketing is your business’ presence in the infinite realm of the world wide web. Your online business brand has a personality, traits, gifts, and flaws. To be a leader in your niche, you must play to your strengths and be able to communicate, please, entertain, and guide your audience to inspire their loyalty.

The digital world expanded with television and radio, but that’s nothing compared to the impact of the Internet. It’s a universe – infinite and remarkably powerful. Digital marketing should be a priority for every business, big and small, because it includes your primary branding elements, such as:

There are a lot of moving parts, which is why larger companies have marketing directors and departments. You must keep up with the high demands of your audience, and how can you do that when you’re focused on running the business?

We can help. At a fraction of the standard agency rates, you’ll get a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art digital marketing team. We may be based in Fort Collins, Colorado, but our clients are all over the country.  Each of our clients are highly unique with custom branding and digital marketing strategies.

We can prove our work!

Digital marketing is the most measurable form of marketing. Traditional measures like TV commercials, newspaper, and radio ads are harder to track because we don’t know who’s coming to us from those channels unless we ask where they heard about us (and assuming they remember where they saw our ad).

Of course, traditional tactics done correctly can notably boost sales.  The good marketer will know how to track those efforts, but for this case study, we’ll touch only on digital marketing.

Ortho Spine America – Dr. John G. Atwater

We’ve been working with Dr. Atwater for a couple of years, helping him launch his new clinic in Vero Beach, Florida.  Dr. Atwater has an entrepreneurial mind and a compassionate heart, making him a well-loved orthopedic surgeon in Florida and Illinois. One of our goals for this prestigious orthopedic doctor is to build awareness about Dr. Atwater and his approach to medical care, with less emphasis on medication and more on holistic healing.

Since February 2018, which is when the digital marketing strategy was approved and initiated, the number of website visits went up by more than 400% each month.  Dr. Atwater was struggling with being new to the area, and it showed in his clinic and operating room calendar.  Since we set up their HIPAA secure web forms and activated their social channels in mid-May, he’s received more than 50 phone calls for appointments and 10 requests online.

The Approach

It’s all in the planning, but we started small.  We created a bold, fluid, and welcoming logo.  The O with the waves is symbolic of the fluidity and solidarity needed for whole-body healing.  We used soft blues, grays, and a light green to amplify the emotional response, which was to help patients feel safe and welcome.  The images were chosen to reflect medical concern, compassion, expertise, and health technology in a clean and straightforward way.

The website was downsized from 330 pages into a well-defined sitemap that is easy to navigate.  The goal is to make sure users can find information about their pain or condition in a certain area of the body.  The blog will focus on specific conditions, procedures, and treatment modalities.  The OSA website will become a hub of orthopedic information that you can rely on and trust.

The website serves a dual function, as patients watch the videos in-office to learn about their condition or upcoming procedure. Further, new patients can fill out all their paperwork before going into the office, limiting their wait time.  In the long-term, we’ll be working with Dr. Atwater and his team to find new ways to improve the website, increase patient health literacy, and help them make well-informed decisions about their surgical care.

This case study could go on for a while, but we have limited time.  If you’d like to know more, holler out at us! We’d love to share our experience.

Visit the OSA Website.  You may also find Dr. Atwater on Facebook and Twitter, which we manage.

Need Digital Marketing?

Why Your Imprint?

At Your Imprint, we call ourselves the “master of ceremonies” because we love to entertain. You know what makes your company special. We’ll tap into that and let the world see it too. Branding and content marketing are the best ways to accomplish that.

We understand that starting any business is a challenge. Our experienced team of content marketers, designers, brand masters, and digital marketing experts knows how to make your magical ideas a reality. We believe in creating bold, expressive, creative communications that your audience will love.

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