Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is all about creating content (blogs, photos, videos, podcasts, you name it) that your audience will enjoy. But the point isn’t to create just anything. The content should keep your community coming back to you for more — and ultimately choose to buy your products or services.

People don’t want blatant advertisements. Instead, they care about companies that share their values and are relatable. Ultimately, content marketing should be a way for you to express yourself.

What makes your company attractive?

What problem does your product or service solve?

What are the magical things your products can do?

What are the tricks up your sleeve for your services?

Content marketing isn’t about putting on a mask. Instead, it lets you put your best foot forward.

So, join the show. It’s time to shine!

We can prove our work!

Studies show that content marketing receives three times the leads per dollar than paid search does. The numbers are the same for outbound marketing, and content marketing is about 60% cheaper.

We can give you more numbers, and others have done that. We’d rather give you a peek of a real-world success story!

Spoons – Soups, Salads, and Sandwiches

We’ve been working with Spoons for a long time.  They started in 2003 with one location – the Northern Hotel in Old Town Fort Collins.  Since then, they’ve grown into a $3+ million establishment with six locations and plans to franchise.

How did that happen?

Lots of marketing, especially with content.  We started targeting the audience more carefully, pushing wholesome fresh eats that were never frozen and always prepared daily.  We began to educate the public about nutrition and local farmers, using channels like their blog, Facebook, and more recently, Google My Business.

There’s been a consistent 2% increase in website visits, and a more than 200% increase in Facebook views and likes. March 2018 was a record month for their Campus West location, which is almost 15 years old.

Our goals for Spoons are always being re-evaluated and modified to fit the needs of the audience.  Content marketing is all about paying attention to the most important people: the users.

Spoons website is  Facebook profile is

Need Content Marketing?

Why Your Imprint?

At Your Imprint, we call ourselves the “master of ceremonies” because we love to entertain. You know what makes your company special. We’ll tap into that and let the world see it too. Branding and content marketing are the best ways to accomplish that.

We understand that starting any business is a challenge. Our experienced team of content marketers, designers, brand masters, and digital marketing experts knows how to make your magical ideas a reality. We believe in creating bold, expressive, creative communications that your audience will love.

Your Imprint is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, but we have clients all over the country. If you are in town, we’d love to take you to coffee. If not, please contact us, and we’ll set up a video conference to discuss your goals.