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Business branding is one of the most overused words in the world of commerce, especially with respect to marketing.  Most people believe brand design means getting a logo and creating a tagline; however, these are just two elements of a branding strategy.  They are like the stage props, both necessary for putting on the show, but not the only pieces to consider. The Internet is a bustling city.  You need a good brand design to help you navigate, learn, and direct traffic.

Step Onto the Stage

Make a Brand Entrance

Why You Need Good Business Branding

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” ~ Jeff Bezos

Brand design is essential to your success, but what many business owners forget is that they aren’t the target audience. You can’t build a brand based on what you think you know about your audience.  Richard Branson said it perfectly when he said, “Too many companies want their brands to reflect some idealised, perfected image of themselves.  As a consequence, their brands acquire no texture, no character, and no public trust.”

Running a company isn’t easy.  People want products and services they can trust.  It’s not about just having an idea and a good product.  You must tell your story in the most entertaining way possible.  That’s why your brand needs marketing.

Consumers who research online before purchasing
Consumers who trust online reviews like personal recommendations

Graphic DesignBe Aware of the World

Your brand is the spirit of your business, and the incubator for your ideas.  The Internet, though, is loud.  It’s like a romper room of ideas.  Your brand should have a strong, clear voice – something that is uniquely you and can never be copied.

That doesn’t mean build your brand to be the image of you. That means put yourself into your brand.  There’s a difference.  You aren’t the characters or the audience – you’re the Playwright.  The Playwright studies current and past events, interacts with their community, and creates a story that will attract and captivate the crowds.


Create a Bond

An emotional connection is crucial to building trust with customers. Being consistent with your use of fonts, colors, shapes, words, etc., will nurture a sense of familiarity and comfort.
Your brand is more than your slogan and logo, and it’s not simply about your service or product.  It’s about the customer experience and your interactions with the intended audience.

Your brand’s success will be the result of having a bold, clear, and distinct voice using a comprehensive strategy to help tell your story with flair and creativity.

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