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What is Blogging?

Your blog is the center stage of your act – this is where you interact with the audience.

In the beginning, a web log (blog) was a journal where one could ramble on about his or her day.  As time passed, marketers found that blogging had enormous potential, so it took off and has played a pivotal role in search engine optimization techniques and innovations in communications.

Many people don’t understand the difference between having a website and having a blog.  Most businesses have both, combining them into a single web domain, so it’s not surprising there’s a bit of confusion.  There are two main differences a blog has from a website:

  1. Blogs encourage readers to engage through comments, likes, and social shares. Allowing readers to comment and communicate with you as a business builds trust and inspires loyalty.
  2. Blogs are updated regularly with new articles, videos, or other types of content. Website pages are “static” in the sense that the content on these pages usually stays for two to three years.

Search engines like Google and Bing love new content.  Their crawlers eat it up like manna. Websites that include a blog have 434% more indexed pages. Indexed pages affect your ranking score. The more pages and posts you have, the better you will rank.

Blogs are one of the most powerful SEO tools you have your disposal.  What would your blog be about?  Specials? Events? Menus? Education?

You can talk about anything!

We can prove our work!

People who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to achieve a positive ROI.  Blogs are now the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information.

We can keep spouting numbers and stats, but others have done that already.  Instead, we’ll give you a peek into a real-world success story!

Dr. Brenda Slovin of Your Migraine Doctor

Dr. Slovin specializes in the treatment of migraines, adrenal fatigue syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, and thyroid disorders using functional medicine techniques.  Dr. Slovin believes in whole-body healing, and she is dedicated to providing modern, helpful, and interesting materials about these debilitating and difficult-to-treat conditions.

After five years of blogging and vlogging for Dr. Slovin, she is now in the top 30 best migraine blogs on the planet!

How Did That Happen?

It all started with a passionate and dedicated physician who was tired of seeing her patients fall through the cracks of traditional medicine, deteriorating over years of taking too many medications and not enough nutrients. Dr. Slovin inspires her patients to be empowered to take control of their health, giving them the information they need to set themselves on a better health path.

Dr. Slovin needed help, though.  She wanted to spend more time with patients and less time writing, editing, posting, and following up with more writing; therefore, she enlisted our help to write the blog posts using her guidance, resources, and practical input.

From there, we developed a brand voice for Dr. Slovin that perfectly encompassed her personality.  We used well-known keywords and phrases, captivating headlines, easy-to-read formatting, and plenty of useful information to keep people coming back for more.

We’re so happy to see that all the hard work is paying off.  Dr. Slovin is now working with us on a “Migraine Detective Series” and an activity book to help people with migraines determine their unique treatment plan.

Dr. Slovin’s website is  Facebook profile is

Need a Skilled Blogger?

Why Your Imprint?

At Your Imprint, we call ourselves the “master of ceremonies” because we love to entertain. You know what makes your company special. We’ll tap into that and let the world see it too. Branding and content marketing are the best ways to accomplish that.

We understand that starting any business is a challenge. Our experienced team of content marketers, designers, brand masters, and digital marketing experts knows how to make your magical ideas a reality. We believe in creating bold, expressive, creative communications that your audience will love.

Your Imprint is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, but we have clients all over the country. If you are in town, we’d love to take you to coffee. If not, please contact us, and we’ll set up a video conference to discuss your goals.