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The Circus Comes to Town

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Remember when you were a kid and you saw those colorful circus announcements?  “The Circus is Coming to Town!”  You knew you were in for a treat.

Marketing is an immensely creative field like the circus. It involves a lot of planning, attracting an audience, and delighting them with your skills.  We use our refined skills of imaginative storytelling and colorful, perceptive design to help businesses put on their best show.

It’s difficult to give a list of all the traditional and digital marketing services we can perform; it’s a big show.  We have a Starter Package for new businesses and a process for helping existing businesses find the necessary solutions for their niche.  In brief, here are some of the stage acts you may want to consider when deciding what you need to engage your audience:


Why the Circus?

Well, it’s not just about the circus. It’s about the show, and the chaos that goes into entertaining a crowd of people.  The circus was chosen because marketing is often a juggling act, with several delightful sideshows, souvenir shops, and a colorful cast of characters. People have been putting on shows since we could walk on two feet – it’s how we stayed entertained, it’s how we laughed, and it’s how we connected with our community.

What We Do

Our job as your “Master of Ceremonies” is to capture the voice of your show and broadcast it to your audience.  How?  Well, by living and working in the 3 core values that help us stay on track:

Keep Learning

Show Gratitude

Be Bold

Keep Learning: In an ever-changing field like marketing and design, it’s important to stay on top of your game. Our top priority is continuing education. We take courses, follow industry leaders, analyze vast amounts of dizzying data, and participate in our community to keep an eye on trends and behaviors.

Show Gratitude: We continually find ways to express our gratitude to every client, colleague, friend, and family member in our lives. We offer massive discounts to regular clients, volunteer time and design to non-profits, and give freebies like templates and helpful tools for business owners.

Be Bold:  Being a business owner means putting yourself on a stage full of other cast members and project yourself to a distracted audience. We know all about web stage fright when it comes to releasing a new product or service.  It takes courage to get on the stage and speak; we need more of that in the world.

How We Do It

We like phases. It keeps the show running smoothly.

The first phase is Discovery.  Whether you’re a startup or large corporation, this is where we begin. Our marketing services are vast, so this step is vital to organizing your brand show.  There are 2 steps in this phase:

  1. Contact Your Imprint for a chat.
  2. Do the Creative Brief, which is a phone or in-person interview that takes 1-2 hours.

The second phase is Scope.  Once we know what kind of show you want to have, we scope and prep the stage. We’ll create milestones and a list of deliverables that includes a price breakdown, estimate, and payment plans.

The third phase is Implementation.  This is the most important part of the show; it’s all the work that happens backstage, taking on a life of its own. Between project management, analysis meetings, production, finalization, launch, and general run-of-the-mill breaks (technical and mental), this final phase is where you’ll find all the props, machines, and special effects.

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