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Make an imprint with your unique story.

Our Marketing Services

We do things differently, and we’d like to help you do the same with a growth-driven strategy designed by you.

Digital Marketing

Websites, applications, social media, and reviews.


Direct Marketing

Print, email, and digital advertising.


Inbound Marketing

Content management, blogging, and SEO.


What to Expect

We’re wildly passionate about our industry.  The landscape of ever-changing methods, behaviors, and technologies is rough terrain and full of breath-taking views.  We’re seasoned guides for our partners.

However, we’re not magicians.  If everything we touched turned to gold, we’d be somewhere in the Mediterranean, sipping wine and eating too much; but, we know this industry’s terrain well and we’re experienced trackers. 

In any case, partnerships take time to build, so we start slow with a Discovery Project.  Let’s talk about what that means.
Hikers on Mountain
Are we a good fit

What We Believe In

It’s business, but we’re personal.  If we’re not compatible in personality or business ethics, we’re likely not going to work well together, and both our businesses will suffer.  Below are some of the values we live and work by that have helped clients understand more about who we are and what we believe in:

  • Candor and transparency are vital for healthy partnerships
  • Positive thinking and creative problem-solving are at the core of our beliefs - there's always a solution.
  • Marketing is an investment, not an expense.
  • Good branded campaigns require time to develop, space to grow, and an ability to adapt.

The Your Imprint Difference

Our difference isn’t in the kind of services we offer or how we deliver them; it’s not even in the results we get, which are pretty fantastic, by the way. Our difference is in our attitude and our approach.

To know what that means, talk to us! We’ll take you for a drink and show you our colors.