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Our Marketing Services

All our marketing services fall under one of three categories – digital, direct, and inbound marketing.  We did this to help us categorize packages and provide deeper insight into our marketing services.

Digital Marketing

Web, social, and review management are voted Most Popular. Businesses want them, and agencies want to BE them. It’s tragically cliché.


Direct Marketing

Print, email, and ads tell stories by the fire. They can be aggressive communicators, so they stay warm, friendly, and a little… dangerous.


Inbound Marketing

Content management, blogging, and creative SEO build things build something, so they’re in it for the long haul.


What to Expect

We’re in it for the long haul, friends.  We want long-term partnerships that are mutually profitable and beneficial.  We’re known for being candid, transparent, and taking your success as personally as if it were our own… because it is.

We’re a small business, which means our success depends on our ability to deliver our services in a way that help you grow, or at least make your life as a business owner or marketing manager easier. 

It can take anywhere from two weeks to a couple of months to get up and running.  It really all depends on your project, organization, and compatibility with our team.  Partners Rachael and Jeremy collaborate as account executives, so you’ll be working one-on-one with both.  

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Are we a good fit

Our Ideal Clients

It’s business, but we’re personal.  If we’re not compatible in personality or business ethics, then we’re likely not going to work well with one another.  Here are a few things our clients are asked to understand:

  • There is value in all marketing work, even when it doesn’t yield a good result – why? Because you got exposure.
  • Positive thinking and creative problem-solving are at the core of our industry, and pessimism drowns out progress.
  • #RealTalk: Marketing is an investment, not an expense, which means it comes with risk.
  • Marketing and advertising are designed to test the waters of the public and find ways of communicating your brand to them – it’s a process and will always need your (and our) attention.

The Pink Elephant – Pricing

Cost is always a consideration. It’s often the primary consideration. It shouldn’t be, though. When it comes to your marketing and advertising, don’t focus so much on limiting your budget. Focus more on getting the biggest bang for your buck. To learn the true lifetime value of your customer, use this formula (if you aren’t sure, get in touch, and we’ll help you figure it out):

Average Value of a Sale  X  Average # of Sales in Customer’s Lifetime  X  Gross Margin = Lifetime Value