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Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn may not be the prettiest social media site out there. Its purpose isn’t to share your personal life — the users just won’t care. But, really, that’s what you want. LinkedIn is a place for professionals to connect with other professionals, learn about their business, find jobs, and build their company’s brands.

Over 500 million people use LinkedIn, and 40 percent of them visit the site daily.

Create a Company Page

Your company page is separate from your personal profile. Both are important on LinkedIn. However, a personal page is the hub for everything about your company.

LinkedIn pages can be SEO friendly. To optimize your page, include lots of keywords about your business. Try to use the same keywords that you’ve used for your website. (If you haven’t optimized your website, visit our SEO page to learn more about what this is.)

Remember to also link to your LinkedIn page from your website and from any emails you send. This gives your page credibility. Finally, don’t forget to share relevant content on your page. You can share your own blogs and content, but it is okay to occasionally link to content from other sites too.

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Focus on Your Profile, Too

Your personal profile matters. Ultimately, LinkedIn is about connections, and people don’t want to connect with a business. They want a person.

Make sure your profile is the best that it can be. Your page is personal, but it is also professional. Watch out for any grammar and spelling mistakes, create a personal URL, and add your work qualifications.

Make yourself as an admin on your LinkedIn page, and add your company to your personal page.

Join Groups

LinkedIn has groups on any subject matter to join. Learn more about marketing in their marketing groups, and find groups that pertain to your industry to join as well.

After joining groups, participate in them. While you should post your content in the groups, don’t forget to comment on other member’s posts as well. This gives you credibility and helps you stand out.

Don’t be Afraid to Connect

Don’t talk to strangers on the Internet. That might be a good idea on Facebook, but it doesn’t apply to LinkedIn. Feel free to connect with people you do not know — they are probably looking to build connections too. These people can read your content and visit your website. Plus, connections increase your visibility on the site.

Create an Email List

Finally, invite your connections to join your email list. Thank your connections for connecting with you, and invite them to learn more about business.

Ultimately, social media sites come and go; LinkedIn might not be popular forever. Email, however, has remained a steady form of communication. Don’t lose the connections you’ve worked hard to build.

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