Business Branding for Beginners

  What makes these images recognizable? It’s not just the logo. You know the name, the colors, the tone, the shapes.  You know the weird clown, the simple swoosh, and the flaming red sticker on the curvy Coca-Cola bottle.  I’ll bet you can even describe what kind of experience to expect when you encounter the […]


How to make Google work for your business

You’re working hard. Your website is well-organized, mobile-friendly, and pleasant to look at. It’s littered with relevant keywords, and your audience enjoys reading your blog. Still, you struggle. You’re working for Google — trying to understand what the boss wants you to do but ultimately feeling confused. Every small business owner and every marketer has had […]


What is Marketing Automation and How Can I Use It?

Work smarter, not harder. It’s a mantra we all want to live up to, but figuring out how to work smart is often hard work. That’s where marketing automation comes in. When used correctly, marketing automation makes emails, social media, sales, and website maintenance easier. What is marketing automation? You know those repetitive tasks that are necessary for […]


Responsive web design is an integral part of your ranking (popularity)

Hopefully, you understand the importance of quality website design. People judge your website based off of its design and how well it works, and they make decisions about your company based on their experience on your website. Responsive web design makes the browsing experience better for customers. We’ve written about why (and how you can improve […]


You Should Have a Marketing Account Manager You Can Trust

Graphic designer, copywriter, social media specialist — in the marketing world, there are so many different types of jobs. Each has its own prerequisites, desired skill sets, and roles. Because of this, each person helps to build a comprehensive marketing strategy. However, marketing account managers are some of the most needed and overlooked individuals in the marketing world. […]


Understanding the Web Design Process

By now, you understand how much we value web design. We believe that a creative, engaging, and functional website is essential to building your business. Because of this, we’re web design enthusiasts. A successful website is one that represents your brand and addresses your audience’s needs with artistic precision. This might seem like a daunting […]


10 Important Marketing Trends to Consider

Have you noticed that there are hundreds of blogs, social pages, templates, strategies, and advice about marketing trends all over the Internet?  Much of the information is full of everything you could imagine, complete with mind-twisting jargon and eye-twitching strategies.  It’s hard to know where to start and what to pay attention to. There’s no […]

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