Five ways to market your small business on LinkedIn

Why LinkedIn? LinkedIn may not be the prettiest social media site out there. Its purpose isn’t to share your personal life — the users just won’t care. But, really, that’s what you want. LinkedIn is a place for professionals to connect with other professionals, learn about their business, find jobs, and build their company’s brands. Over 500 […]

Hiring a Marketing Director or Team? – Here’s what you need to know

Hiring a Marketing Director or Team? – Here’s what you need to know By now, you’ve probably realized how essential good marketing is to your business’ success. You understand that our world has shifted into a digital age where everything is much louder and more chaotic than ever before. You’re probably also aware that you […]

Six Ways to Improve Your Professional Writing

Professional writing matters. To succeed in the workplace, you need to express yourself with ease and accuracy. This means avoiding the dreaded typo in your resume, but it also means drafting a quick email with confidence. You need to know the appropriate commas, the language that suits your audience, and even how to spell those […]

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