Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Let’s take it from the top. It’s probably best you sit down for this. Grab some coffee; it’ll help with digestion.  These are the popular ones we’re talking about here – those with attitude, privileged self-entitlement, and mood swings that make the weather and human teenagers seem docile.

Digital marketing is your business’ presence in the infinite realm of the world wide web. Website, social, reviews, blogs, directories, and forums drive digital communications and give consumers a playground to share their experiences, show off their knowledge, and fill the net-waves with opinions.

Your brand needs to have personality, traits, gifts, and even flaws that are universal across all channels.  Consistency and good customer service will go a long way if you’re providing a quality product or service.

However, without proper placement (see direct marketing) and long-term methods (see inbound marketing), these services will make some difference, but maybe not as big a bang as you’d hoped for. 

What Services are Included in Digital Marketing?

The digital world expanded with television and radio, but that’s nothing compared to the impact of the Internet. It’s a universe – infinite and remarkably powerful. Digital marketing should be a priority for every business, big and small, because the number of consumers looking online for products or services is steadily growing.

The number ranges between 75% and 90% depending on the source.  If they don’t see you in their search, how will you get on the short list of possible businesses to buy from?

Did you just short out for a second?  That’s okay.  Take a moment.  It’s all fun and games until someone tries to talk digital marketing strategy.  Let’s see if I can clear the fog a bit.

Individual services help us tell a bigger story, but they rarely stand alone.  They’re part of a big, close-knit family –  the Marketing Family.  Lots of cousins and distant family members with drama and divorces, but they still make it to the reunions.

Digital marketing usually includes one or more of the following types of services:

  • Website design with technical SEO (fast, secure, mobile-friendly, and search-engine ready)
  • Social media marketing and management to include weekly posts using a content plan, response management, page building, and advertising (see direct marketing).
  • Review & reputation management speaks for itself. If I were you, I’d start here to learn why this matters so much right now.
  • Web development, application development, and e-commerce.

Most businesses, upon meeting this part of the marketing family, tend to get overwhelmed.  Understandable.  They’re a loud and rowdy bunch, rich and powerful, with a few silent stalkers in the shadows. It’s our job to help you navigate this part of the family tree, and we’ll make it seem easy, even though it isn’t.

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing is growing, and if we don’t guide and nurture it now, it’s going to be a troublesome adult, which is much harder to deal with.

The Bottom Bottom Line

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t know you have to spend money on marketing and advertising.  It’s an investment that’s based on the lifetime value of your customers and your customer acquisition costs.  Don’t know those numbers?  Don’t panic.  We know how to figure it out, and we’ll give you the formulas.

Are You Ready?