fort-collins-digital-marketing-rachael-hermanRachael Herman

Ringmaster (Co-Owner & VP of Marketing)

Born into a family of socially active entrepreneurs and business owners, Rachael learned early on how to budget projects, work hard, and reach goals. A life-long storyteller, avid reader, and social media expert, Rachael put her passion into Your Imprint with one goal in mind: to entertain as many people as possible.

Jeremy ParksJeremy Parks

Juggler (Co-Owner, Web Developer & Brand Master)

Jeremy has been in the Creative industry for more than 20 years, specializing in business branding, design, and web development.  He has a keen eye for symmetry and perspective, with an uncanny ability to notice when something looks “off balance.”  With his active imagination and tenacity, Jeremy introduced his passion to his experience and helps businesses stand out in the digital world.

Hannah Ditzenberger

Playwright (Blogger & Content Manager)

Hannah has always been infatuated with the different ways people communicate. She loves how photography, design, art, and language can create an immersive experience — and she loves how the digital era has made such content more accessible. Hannah grew up moving from place to place, and this gave her a greater appreciation for the unique stories of every individual. She believes that stories are a crucial, valuable part of brand identity, and she knows how to find and express those stories.

Graphic DesignComing Soon

Graphic & Web Designer

Bio will be posted soon.

Why Choose Your Imprint

There’s a lot in a name, and ours is no exception. We know small business because we are a small business. We know how hard it can be to implement a digital marketing strategy with a voice that can rise above the constant noise and chaos. You should be proud of the unique imprint you make on your audience. Our digital marketing team can help get you there.

The Imperial Experience

Every project, every show, every character is unique.  We help businesses communicate in a stately, refined, and memorable way to inspire loyalty.

We honor the Artist in our clients, and we nurture their creativity with our expertise as communicators.  We’re a team of artists and experts in branding, web development/coding, design, marketing, campaign management, social media, and Google AdWords.

We’ve helped clients around the nation build and expand their business by meeting the audience at their stage of the buyer’s journey.

Get Carried Away

Here, it’s safe to be bold and expressive.  We encourage our wild spirits to be free and colorful in a world consumed by the hum of monotony.

At Your Imprint, we like noise.  We like to be carried away by creativity and imagination so that we can pick up a few strategic methods before landing on the stage.

And it works.  Just take a peek at our Showcase (portfolio).

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