The Creative Brief

What’s a Creative Brief?

A creative brief is a set of questions that helps me create a detailed statement of work and price sheet for your unique project.  Jeremy and I will review your brief together and get back to you with our recommendations within 1-2 business days.  Everything is thoroughly reviewed and discussed with you before any work is done.

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Elevator Pitch:  This is 3-5 sentences that can be used to tell someone all about your business and product in the short span of an elevator ride.

Mission Statement Vs. Vision Statement:  Your Mission Statement states how you will help your customers and how you will behave as a company.  This is for the public eye. Your Vision Statement is what you see in your future for the company within your niche.  This is more internal.

Search Engine Marketing:  These are the paid Google ads that are targeted based on search history and behavior.

Search Engine Optimization:  There are several levels of SEO. Search engine optimization is the tool you use to be seen and heard on the Internet. These are always custom priced projects.

Tagline Vs. Slogan:  The tagline is about the company.  The slogan is about the product or service.  A tagline is used sparingly, while the slogan(s) are more widely used.  Taglines change once a generation, but slogans change with the movement of the society.

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