What Is Content Writing? Is it Different from Blogging?


Content writing is an umbrella term for a versatile and well-rounded magician.  All writing – creative, website, blogging, copywriting, etc. – requires a vivid imagination and a willingness to forego the ride to Normality.

What Content Writing is All About

A content writer creates written materials for the internet, especially for websites designed to sell or promote products or services.  Everything you interact with on the web is content, and most businesses and entrepreneurs have a story written and shown with content; therefore, a content writer must be able to meet the demands of a digital audience – a good chunk of which is still familiar with analog technology and traditional values.

Content writing means you must be able to connect with an audience. The most effective campaigns use content writing to entertain and delight the audience, while using copywriting to sell to them.  In most marketing departments, content writing is part of content marketing, which is a strategy that focuses on creating materials that engage, entice, and delight the audience to keep them on the site or page for longer. Content writing lends “stickability” to a brand.

A content writer is the mouthpiece of a brand or business.  She or he understands the Buyer’s journey and can relate to each buyer in a way that makes the customer experience more personal and attractive.

Qualities of Good Content Writing

Anyone who claims to be a content writer must be able to write. I know it sounds simple, but it’s a lot harder than it sounds.  Writers understand that you can’t just jot something down and have an instant masterpiece that goes viral immediately.

In fact, only 20% of visitors read your copy.  Don’t take it personally. We’re a distracted folk.

Content writing takes planning, research, and several rounds of editing.  A content writer should be able to appeal to multiple audiences and have a good understanding of how to write a story with a plot, characters, scenery, climax, etc.  Every brand story needs a script, and every show needs a director.

While content writing plays a big role in website design and content marketing, it’s a specialty in the communications industry and can be a sustainable business on its own; however, many businesses need a team for content development, so writers should partner with marketing teams to reap the benefits of additional resources and opportunities for career growth.

Is Blogging Different from Content Writing?

Yes, without a doubt. Most content writers can blog, but many bloggers can’t write other content.  Blogs have a specific tone, and content writing requires working in a variety of formats, writing styles, and platforms.

Blogging is usually informative, while content writing is often heavier in sales (copywriting), SEO, storytelling, public relations, and social media management.

The biggest difference between blogging and content writing is where the materials go. Content writers usually write for websites, advertisements, and social media. Their wizardry can be enjoyed anywhere from your local billboards to international websites, from e-mails to snail mail offers.

Bloggers are the ringmasters of informational content, which go onto weblogs (shortened to ‘blog’ in 1999). Businesses are now learning that blogs are essential to their digital success.  Business blogs help Google and other search engines find the website.

SEO Content Writing and Digital Marketing

Content writing involves a lot of SEO and research.  Learning how to do keyword and market research gives content that extra boost of originality and that helps with ranking; however, SEO isn’t just about content.  There are dozens of ranking factors, and ranking well is one of the most sought-after goals in business.  SEO is about relevance, linking (and backlinking), speed, performance, engagement, and many, many other factors.

Content writing is the voice of your brand.  It’s the personality, so the writing should be grammatically correct, entertaining, and targeted to each phase of the buyer’s journey.

If you need help with content writing, tell us about your project or website, and we’ll tell you how to get a content plan in place.

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