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Can you write about anything? Do you understand the difference between witty and silly or serious and forlorn? Are you an SEO expert — or at least willing to get there? If so, content writing might be the career for you.

Content writing is a form of marketing (often digital marketing) that provides readers with information or entertainment. Content writers might write social media posts, blogs, website copy, or white papers. In addition to top-notch writing skills, content writers need to understand people. They create content that their audience wants to consume. In return, they hope that the audience will buy a product, feel loyal to a company, or even share the content with their friends.

Job Role of the Content Writer

Content writing is hard to pin down. Many content writers work from home or are freelancers, but others work within the marketing department of an organization.

However, content writers will often use a company’s marketing strategy, selected topic, and keywords to generate written content. They need to be aware of the audience they are writing for and adapt their writing to suit the readers. For example, writers need to understand that AP Style is great for news, but may not be appropriate for a lighthearted article.

Because they write on so many different topics, content writers need to be excellent researchers. They must be able to find accurate data on their topic, audience, and style.

Finally, many content writers will not have an editor looking over their work, so their grammar should be flawless.

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Job Responsibilities of the Content Writer

The job’s responsibilities will vary depending on the industry. However, some responsibilities that you should expect include the following:

  • Write a variety of content in a number of different styles and tones.
  • Edit your own work with impeccable spelling and grammar.
  • Research every topic, writing structure, and audience group.
  • Manage your own calendar and submit tasks on time.
  • Work with clients or management to adjust writing as needed.
  • Use basic editing and website software, including Google Drive, WordPress, Grammarly and others.
  • Be aware of keyword placement and SEO practices.
  • Learn basic HTML.

What about pay? 

A content writer‘s salary will also depend on his or her job status, education level, and location. However, Payscale says that the average salary is $42,042, and entry-level employees should expect to make no lower than $29,642.
Many content writers will go on to become copywriters, marketing managers, and content strategists.

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