The Importance of Performing WordPress Website Maintenance


Much akin to the upkeep of a car, your WordPress website needs a tune-up now and then. When you own a car, you regularly check the brakes, lights, oil, and other fluids just to keep it running smoothly. Well, your WordPress website needs to be checked regularly too. Often, you will find that tools or code used to display your website, especially in a mobile-friendly format, are simply as outdated as your car’s oil after several thousand miles.

So, why do we care? Well, it’s our mission to make the web a friendly, navigable place that benefits both consumers and businesses alike. You wouldn’t want your local pharmacy to close their drive-through window during business hours any more than we want your website to stop working. It would be more than an inconvenience – you’d lose business too!

A WordPress Website Maintenance Plan Should Include The Latest Code

Your website is where you transact or gain business. You want it to be top notch so that it best represents your company’s values, mission, and goals. If you have a WordPress website, it must be regularly updated because there are patches that fix bugs or security changes that need to be added. They are essential to a properly functioning and secure WordPress website. This is really basic maintenance and should be performed on a schedule.

WordPress Templates Are Only As Good As The Programmer

Many WordPress templates are supplemented with plugins that enable additional functionality. These plugins do not automatically update as do some WordPress website core features. If your webmaster has not suggested an update, then now is the time to contact them.

But, be sure you are working with someone who understands how to update WordPress websites because it’s not just about clicking the update buttons in the back end.  You need someone who can manually update your site at the same time every month and actively prevent and troubleshoot any breaks or bugs that happen as a result of the update.

Your updates will only be as good as the programmer you hire.

Website Themes Become Outdated Quickly

website-maintenanceThis is probably one of the most important messages you can take away from the digital age.  It’s not just the website themes that become outdated faster than the DeLorean.  All technology updates so rapidly that you may as well get yourself a neck brace for the whiplash.


The good news is that programmers aren’t the only people who can keep a WordPress website looking and working great. Consider talking to a skilled website designer as part of the equation too. WordPress themes are layered over your website to give it additional features, a desired look and feel, and choices for unique functionality.

Over time, your website will lose its appeal to your audience as later and greater designs become popular, and as their search behaviors change, which is another fact about digital marketing that’s worthy of a neck brace.

It’s always a good idea to try something new with your copy every few months so that your content and design stay fresh and current. This is easy with WordPress themes. Keep in mind, that as your business evolves, so does your content. Keeping it current is essential to making the most out of your dollars spent on web design.

In the end, having a company that knows the ins and outs of WordPress website design and development is your best bet for ensuring your website is in tip-top shape. As I said, a website is like your car. It needs a regular tune-up. And, you much change the oil (content) regularly. Anything you invest in that furthers your business is worth that.

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