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Blogging typically falls under the duties of other marketing jobs. For example, a content writer will often create lots of written content, including blogs. However, some companies choose to have professional bloggers manage their corporate blog. Some bloggers even make a living off of their own personal blog, while others are freelancers who write for a variety of different blogs.

Job Role

Believe it or not, blogging is not just about writing blogs and posting to the internet. Good bloggers pitch ideas, create an editorial calendar, write and edit, add SEO, promote their blog, and interact with their audience.

To be successful, bloggers need to understand their blog’s topic and their audience thoroughly. In fact, many bloggers find that establishing themselves as experts in their field makes their audience excited to read their posts. To do this, the blogger should actually be an expert in their field.

Finally, bloggers need to be organized and reliable. Because many of them work from home, they must keep track of their own schedule and make their ideas happen.

Job Responsibilities 

A blogger’s responsibilities will vary depending on the type of blog they manage. However, some responsibilities that you should expect include the following:

  • Edit your own work with impeccable spelling and grammar.
  • Write in a way that appeals to your audience.
  • Promote your blog on social media and engage with your audience on social media channels.
  • Research every topic, writing structure, and audience group.
  • Manage your own calendar and submit tasks on time.
  • Work with clients to adjust writing as needed.
  • Create additional content (like photos, videos, or podcasts) to supplement the written content.
  • Use basic editing and website software, including Google Drive, WordPress, and others.
  • Be aware of keyword placement and SEO practices.
  • Learn basic HTML.

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What about pay? 

Nailing down the average salary for a blogger is tricky because of all the different types of blogging. For example, freelance bloggers make money per blog post, and salary bloggers earn a set amount. Many personal bloggers make money through Google Ads on their site, sponsorships from large companies, or products that they sell from their site. For example, the cooking blog Minimalist Baker sells a food photography course from its site.
Because of this, Glassdoor gives a wide salary range for bloggers. They say bloggers make anywhere from $19,000 to $55,000 with an average salary of $30,ooo.

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