“It’s Nothing Personal”: Using Social Media for Business

Social Media for Business

We live in a world dominated by interconnectivity. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow users to directly interact with their favorite brands, which has opened up a whole new range of options when it comes to using social media for business. Forget the days of status updates about your dinner last Friday; it’s time to use these platforms to boost your business.

To be clear, we won’t be covering marketing and advertising on social media in this article. That is definitely a super important aspect of building your brand, but we’ve already spoken about it. Instead, we will be focusing on what you can do to make your brand likeable and approachable in a more organic sense.

Why Do We Love Social Media?

While it is pretty obvious that social media is generally a well-liked invention, it’s important to understand why this is so. This is what will help you guide your efforts in creating your strategy for using social media for business.

New New New

The first reason we love social media so much is that it is constantly updating us with new content. Humans love novelty, so anywhere that we can get frequent and new information is going to be a great place to hang out.

How does this relate to using social media for business? Well, social media is a great way to crank out new content. If you have a clothing line, you can post about different pieces from your collection several times a week. If you’re a restaurant, you can post different menu items.

This keeps people interested in your brand. If you have a website where everything just sits, it is really rewarding upon first discovery, but the novelty wears off. Social media allows you to keep things fresh, even if it’s just by promoting things which already exist.

In order to keep this novelty going, aim to post at least three times a week on whichever social platform your audience loves.

Humanizing Your Brand

The second reason we love social media is that humans are inherently social creatures. We crave interpersonal connection, and social media gives us the opportunity to get a ton of it without the anxiety of going out and meeting face-to-face. Though we still need in-person interactions, social relationships are a great thing for your brand.

You see, we tend to forget that brands are run by people. We come to see businesses as little more than logos and products. You can counteract this by using social media for business and giving your brand that personal appeal.

Social media allows you to directly interact with your current and potential customers. They can ask you questions, and you can answer. You can wish someone a happy birthday, tell them how great they look in your company’s new dress, and build a human connection with them.

Of course, it’s going to be very difficult to connect with every single individual, but the good news is, you don’t have to! Just interacting with some of your customers will send the message that you care, and even the people who don’t get direct responses will see that you are a brand run by people. People like people, so this is a win.

When it comes to building this connection, it’s hard to say exactly when and how to best do it. The point is to act like a person, and people aren’t rigidly scheduled or robotic. A good place to start is to set a small goal like five interactions a week.

The Takeaway on Using Social Media for Business

Social media has us hooked for good reason. It is a constantly updating whirlwind of social connection, one in which you should be involved. To start, aim to post three times per week, and try to respond to three to five of the people who interact with your page.

I know you’re busy running the business, but trust me, this is worth your time. That said, if you’d rather just focus on what you do best, you could always hire a knowledgeable marketing team. We’d be delighted to help you out.